Comany Profile

Welcome to PANDA ‘Quality building products’. Available for architectural, industrial and domestic applications.

PANDA offers several building solutions through quality architectural concrete blocks. Products available for architectural, industrial and domestic applications.

All type Pavers, Cultured Stone and other masonry products. We are proud to have supplied to the Botswana market for over 20 years. The company provides a work environment that promotes safety, environmental sustainability, continuous learning and quality improvement.

The Panda business started more than 20 years ago. PANDA manufactures a variety of paving bricks, stock bricks and semi-face bricks. We also make precast concrete products like portal culverts, manholes, lintels and concrete kerbs, as well as a lot of smaller items like window-sills and air-bricks. In the clay manufacturing business, at this stage we just make stock bricks. Panda Quarry provides concrete stone, road stone and also a dense grade aggregate called crusher run. Panda Plant undertakes all the distribution of our products, from both locations, allowing us to serve both the northern and the southern side of Botswana, penetrating the whole of the country from both directions.


Creating and contributing to an environment in which our people can excel through a management style which is participative, encouraging, demanding, and supportive.


Ensuring the impact and integrity of our operations and actions on employees, customers, communities and environment in which we operate, meet both the spirit and letter of the law and community expectations.


Making critical choices on priorities, making timely, insightful fact-based decisions, and being determined to pick the right things and do them well.


Getting on with the job, setting challenging goals and standards, measuring results, providing honest feedback on individual contributions and rewarding achievement.


Striving to be the best at what we do, being relentless in our pursuit of improvement and of increasing targets, never being satisfied with the status quo.